Dear all Aikido people

This is the first in, hopefully a series, of Ki Newsletters.

The purpose is to help create communication, network, collaboration and foremost relationship.

The idea for newsletter started in March 2020 when Covid-19 changed everything, but with the passing of our Doshu the relevance of this is even more important.

First the Newsletter will be in English, Italian & Spanish,  please mail me if you want to do a translation to your language.

If you want to contribute to the Ki Newsletter, contact via mail, ki-newsletter@toitsu.dk - depending on the  amount of material the frequency of letter will be decided.

The next  Ki-Newsletter will arrive late March or beginning of April.

Hopefully more questions about future can be addressed.

Below are the the first contributions from dojos around the world.

They are categorised by different subjects like collaboration,

online classes, link to articles,  video channels and dojos.

When we can do seminars again in person these will also be shared in the newsletter.


The British Ki Society has published a small obituary about Sensei on their website which describes his work and the legacy he has left behind.


For historical photo of Sensei first vist to UK: https://www.kiaikido.co.uk/photos

Ceremony for Doshu

The beautiful ceremony for Doshu was recored, and has now subtitles for several language for the French part of the video.

It can be seen here...

Call for collaboration

The coming time there will be a Photo memorial page next to "Remembering Doshu" page.

"Doshu inside and outside dojo"

If you have old and/or interesting photos of Doshu with students or other please send, high resolution if possible in mail: photos@toitsu.dk

Feel free to add date and more information.


Ki-Aikido Nizhny Novgorod

Youtube channel from Ки-Айкидо Нижний Новгород / Ki-Aikido Nizhny Novgorod by Evgeny Danilov:



Video channel from Heike & Markus

under the below url you find a series of videos from about 2015, which try to show clearly and slowly the aikido techniques + hitoriwaza for all Kyu examinations - with one or two microscopic deviations from sensei's list. 6 years old, well, thats nothing you can actually call news, but maybe this newsletter is a good way to distribute them.

if you have any wishes, suggestions or complaints, please let us know via email:

heike howein / markus schein



These days is a perfect time to rewatch or watch for first time the wonderful movie The Beginner - A meeting between Yoshigasaki Sensei and Yehudi Menuhin by Alain de Halleux from 1996.

The two masters to discuss a common topic for musicians and masters of martial arts: Harmony.



Aikido klub ‘Donat’ Zadar

Please feel free to connect on Facebook or visit our dojo homepage, or to come to practice with us, best regards Renata

Facebook page

Facebook group


Contact mail: Renata Ruic


Ki aikido club Musashi, Serbia

Dear Aikido friends,

We began our Ki Aikido practice in 1985. After attending a seminar led by our Sensei in Ljubljana, Slovenia, we arranged his visit to Belgrade, Serbia. First seminar in our city took place in January 1986. From that moment on we followed Sensei Yoshigasaki for 35 years. Ki Aikido klub Musaši was founded in 1988. Aikido trainings are being held on two locations in Belgrade. All Aikidokas are welcome, we are open for collaboration.

Goran Kurnik, 5. DAN, founder of Ki aikido club Musashi





Online classes

Online Aikido classes of Dojo am Fluss with Heike Howein.

You are welcome to visit my online Aikido classes (time zone: MEZ)

Monday 19:45-21:15   (3rd Kyu)

Wednesday 19:45-21:15   (Bokken Keiko)

Friday 20:15-21:15   (Aiki-Taiso)

For zoom link and  further information refer to: Heike Howein, email: aikido@dojo-am.fluss.de


Silent Misogi online meeting

Usually at the first sunday of a month from 10 to 11 (MEZ) there is a meeting of people practicing silent misogi via zoom.

You are very welcome to join. For zoom link and further information please send email to Heike: aikido@dojo-am-fluss.de


Online Shamanic Breath Journey in honour of Yoshigasaki Sensei.

All of you who want to celebrate his life, connect with each other and go deep are very welcome to join.

Date: 21.03.2021 - Time 19.00 Central EuropeanTime. Duration 1h 30 min

contact Josef Steiner at  josef.bcst@gmail.com

and I will forward you the Zoom log in for the event

NADUIR DOJO, Galway, Ireland


Online Aikido sessions of Ki & Aikido Dojo Berlin with Sigrid Buck

We happily welcome you to our online training!

- Wednesday, 19:15 - 21:00 (might change to Tuesday after Easter)

We usually start with Kenko Taiso, breathing, Hitori Waza, stretching and some non-Aikido fitness exercises (to compensate the missing exercising elements of on-the-mat Aikido practice). Then we practice some Aikido – with a focus on refreshing examination programs and Tsuzukiwaza.

For further info and the link, contact Lilly: dojo@ki-aikido-berlin.de


British Ki Society

Zoom classes:

Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 7 pm UK time and runs for 90 minutes (8pm European Time)

Each class starts with 30 minutes of Kenkotaiso/Seizaho/Seitaiho/Aikitaiso. Feel free to just practise this and leave if you do not want to do the Aikido

Contact Jayesh Karadia. london@knk.org.uk. https://aikido.london/



Aiki Ryu, Krešimir Horvat:

We start with standing Ki-Breathing, Kenko Taiso and Hitoriwaza.

Because we don't have personal contact (body, hands, legs) we will have special type keiko, using Jo like Yari (Sojutsu), without contact. We finish with 10 min. Qigong Standing Meditation or Zhan Zhuang . If there are interesting people I will make online training , wherever you are all over Europe every Saturday at 5 p.m. (central european time)

If you have questions or want to share experiences you can contact me: kikreosk@gmail.com / +385 97 7760677 (viber, WhatsApp, zoom)


Zoom classes in Ki Aikido Buenos Aires:

During March will start again our zoom Ki Aikido classes.

Classes are in Spanish.

Every Saturday 10:00 to 12:00 hours (Buenos Aires time).

We have two parts of the class:

Beginners: we study articles or videos related with Hitori and Kumi Waza.

Advanced: we study Tsuzukiwaza videos or articles written by Doshu.

You are welcome to participate in every class, they are free.

You just need to ask the link to participate by WhatsApp: +54911 6911-3055

For more information you can send a message by WhatsApp,

Write to Sensei Norberto Kiman by email: norbertokiman@hotmail.com

Or just visit our dojo web site: http://kiaikidobuenosaires.com.ar/


Online classes Aikido Dojo infinity moves e.V.

Aikido Tuesdays, 19:30 - 20:45h, teacher Iris, in english if foreign people join

Ki Keiko class, Saturdays, 10 -11h, teacher Raymond, always in english

if you like joining, please write to: aikido.dojo@infinitymoves.de and I will send the zoom link to you

A.A.K.A.I. asd (Ki Aikido Italia Athletic Association) - Dojo Ronin Novara

Association) - Dojo Ronin Novara

Online classes, timetable:

Tuesday and Friday from 19:30 to 20:30 Adults

Link Zoom: https://us05web.zoom.us/j/8197814983

Contact Bruno Maule Shihan for password

email: brunomaule29@gmail.com  / www.kiaikidoitalia.org

The yearly summer seminar in Crissolo led by Shihan Bruno Maule will be held from 31 of July to 11 August 2021

More information about fees and timetable will follow.


Home-Aikido, Vera Smitt:

Home-Aikido means we "meet" at a certain time, everybody is in her/his own place. We put on our Dogi/ Hakama, we know that we are all connected and want to continue the way of Aikido.

Everybody does in his/her place the full set (or whatever she/he can remember of the exercises) of Kenko Taiso, Setai Ho, Ki-Breathing and Hitoriwaza. We finish with 15 to 30 Minutes of Ki-breathing in Seiza position.

I want to invite you to join us, wherever you are all over Europe.

HomeAikidoTime is every sunday at 6 p.m. (central european time)

If you have questions or want to share experiences you can contact me: info@jaguarwoman.de / www.jaguarwoman.de


Aikido  with Michael Holm, toitsu.dk

Michael will be doing international online class in English.

Time: Saturday March 13. at 12-13 (Copenhagen time)

After that hopefully every first Saturday each month.

Max. 42 people (2 or more people on on device counts as 1)

Registration by mail for zoom link: online@toitsu.dk



Valencia many years ago, picture by Fabien Campillo

Through my fifty years of teaching aikido, I found the most important thing is love and respect.

If you are following me, you follow the way of love and respect.

Doshu, Yoshigasaki Sensei

6. December 2020

Calligraphy by Mihoko Watanabe Sensei